You Provide The Clients - We Do The Work - You Take The Credit

So You Found A Google Business Profile Client.

What's The Next Step?

Now It's Time to Put Our Topnotch Google
Business Profile "DFY Management Team" To Work For You.

Google Business Profiles Managed By 5-Star Experts

We Do All This AND MORE, So You Don't Have To!

  • #1: Fully Detail Our Process
  • #2: Competition and Keywords Research
  • #3: Optimize Google Business Profile Listing
  • #4: Increase & Confirm Citations
  • #5: Gather Quality Backlinks
  • #6: Continuously Monitor Ranking
  • #7: First In - First Served

Even if you think you know HOW to optimize and rank your client's Google Business Profile, you probably don't have the TIME to do it or to keep up with all the Google changes. That's because Google Business Profile is like the weather, changing all the time! And if you do have the time, you still may not get it right.


But here's the thing...

It's NOT ENOUGH these days for any business to just "show up" in a Local Google 3 Pack...

Depending on the business type, service area, or city size, EVEN IF your client can get to the top 3 listings next to the map, it will take a lot of work, month after month, to just STAY THERE!

Now you can ditch your cranky old Virtual Assistant and start working with our eager team of consummate professionals.

Our fulfillment team has had years of experience, and they are really looking forward to helping you build and rank the Google Business Profile (GBP) Listings for your clients,  just as they have been doing for all of Jack's happy clients...

Month after Month after Month!

Top rated Google Business Profile Management Service.

End your management headaches.
Get more traffic. Improve rankings.
Let us do it for you.


  • Analysis and Tracking Setup
  • Full Citation Audit and Build
  • GBP Listing Optimization and Posts
  • Meta Data Optimization
  • GEO Tagging and Photo Optimization
  • Confirm Category Selections
  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • GBP Website Optimization
  • Review Responses, if needed
  • Build Social Media Profiles
  • Authority My Map Creation
  • Google Property Stacking
  • Content Outsourcing
  • Social IFTTT Syndication Network
  • Social Profile Audit and Review
  • Local SERP Tracking and Reporting
  • Top 3-pack Competitor Audit
  • National Citations
  • Maximize Google Indexing
  • GBP Listing and Optimization
  • Continual Review and Optimization

Just Fill Out Our Easy-to-Complete
Excel Worksheet

And We Will Get Started Right Away

Meet A Google Business Profile Client

Remember... when one local business ranks in the "3-Pack" Listing
next to the Google Map, that means another business gets the boot!

We fight hard to keep our Google Business Profile clients relevant in their local area,
so that they continue being listed in the "3-Pack" next to the Google Map.
We also stay abreast of every Google change that could affect client rankings.

We are in the trenches every day learning about these powerful secrets that will continue to give YOUR clients their competitive edge - and make YOU the hero!

With our "Done-For-You" Google Business Profile Ranking Service,
We are able to consistently list, confirm and rank virtually any Business,
No matter the business type, service area, or city size.


​​​​​​​Q. What if I'm new to GBP ranking or my client is new to GBP?

Our "Done For You" Google Business Profile ranking service is exactly what any business needs for long-term success. Being "new" doesn't keep you or your clients from being relevant in any local area and we help you and your clients all along the way.

​​​​​​​Q. Will this work for any business, anywhere and in any niche?

Yes, if you have a website, this will work for any business and niche - our own clients are global. Know that some large, popular niches or those in larger cities face more competition, so it is only natural that those businesses could take longer to rank. You can easily research that beforehand. Then, we do everything possible to get YOUR clients ranked higher. If they want to stay on top, we must continually stay on the job for them... month after month. The ranking is NOT a "one and done" task for any business and is an ongoing expense for any business wanting more traffic and exposure! You charge accordingly - and still only pay us a small fee per location or listing.

​​​​​​​Q. How long will it take to rank?

This is THE most often asked question BUT we don't have a crystal ball PLUS you already know how difficult ranking in Google can be. Our experienced "Done For You" Service is exactly what your clients need. Every effort is expended to increase ranking for any business, with the 3-pack always the ultimate goal. Keep in mind that getting there doesn't mean they stay there! It is our team's ongoing maintenance that helps keep top ranking... and if nothing works, YOU should propose and manage an Ads campaign as a backup. Google responds to money, and RANKING is a money maker, so whether clients spend with you or some smooth talker that promises the moon for a "one shot" payday, we are confident that any business would be hard-pressed to find a better team that does what we do - and yet, you still get to take all the credit! This is exactly why we take only a limited number of client accounts to successfully serve them on your behalf.

​​​​​​​Q. A money back guarantee?

We can NOT offer a money-back guarantee since from day one, we begin spending money on your client's behalf, plus the staff and time invested to create, rank, and maintain your client's GMB standing continues. We even LOSE money in the first month or two, yet are committed to doing what is required for the very best outcome for your client while providing you a much-needed service.

​​​​​​​Q. Is This Service Up To Date?

Absolutely! Everything we do is what works NOW for our own clients.

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